How Avery Can Save you Money

Increased Productivity
Avery Archives will have your documents to you the moment you need them, allowing you to redirect your employees to more important business issues.

Increase Efficiency
Prevent misplacing or losing important files/documents and prevent records deterioration by storing your records in Avery Archives secure climate-controlled facility.

Reduce Overhead
Eliminate additional rent, insurance and utilities, and free up valuable office space.

Reduce Liability
Count on Avery Archives for proper retention procedures, based on your retention schedules.

Avoid Workers Compensation Claims
Prevent employee injury from constant lifting of heavy boxes.

Reduce Personnel
Eliminate the cost of salaries, payroll taxes and benefits of unneeded employees.

Our Document Management and Shredding Services include:

Record Storage

At Avery Archives we specialize in secure document storage. Once your documents are stored with us, we make sure that you always have the information you need, when you need it…read more

File Retrieval & Delivery

At Avery Archives your records are as close as your telephone, fax or e-mail. Multiple courier routes make same day delivery standard. You simply refer to your itemized list of stored items…read more

Onsite Document Destruction

Avery Archives provides safe, convenient shredding services for secure document destruction  of your confidential information. Our paper shredding service helps you reduce your risk for exposure by ensuring proper compliance with privacy laws and regulation…read more

Digital Document Imaging

In a business environment where organizations are looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact…read more