Avery Archives provides a safe, convenient, solution for secure document destruction of your confidential information. Our paper shredding service helps you reduce your risk for exposure by ensuring proper compliance with privacy laws and regulation. We ensure you act in accordance with corporate ethics programs, help safeguard your public image, and protect customers and employees from identity theft.

As one of the leading South Louisiana shredding companies, we have a mobile shredding truck for your convenience. Our experienced personnel can collect your materials in our specially designed security containers and completely destroy your confidential materials using our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck. Once the job is complete, the shredded materials are taken back to our plant where the shredded paper is bailed and sent to paper mills for recycling – all part of our shredding service. We take pride in providing environmentally friendly paper shredding and recycling services.

Overall our document destruction service is known in the area for amazing service like our mobile shredder, super secure shredding, and paper shredding services that allow you to dispose of your documents.

Avery Archives provides accountability receipts and a certificate of document destruction upon request as part of our document shredding service.

We also offer drop off paper shredding in addition to our mobile shredding service.

NAID AAA Certification – NAID_AAACertification PDF