At Avery Archives your records are as close as your telephone, fax or email. Multiple courier routes make same day delivery standard.  You simply refer to your itemized list of stored items, tell us what you need and we have your records ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are a number of different methods for providing you with your requested files or documents all of which done conveniently and cost-effectively using our unique barcode tracking system:

  • Personal Collection or Viewing: Let us know you are coming and we will have your records pulled and available for you to either pick-up or review at our facility
  • Delivery Service: Just let us know when you need your records and we will have them delivered directly to you – on time.
  • Electronically: We will retrieve the document you need, scan it, and deliver it to you by email, FTP site or secured web site.
  • Faxing: We will pull the requested documents, photocopy them, return the originals to storage and fax the copies to you.
  • Mail Delivery: Whether copies or originals, we will pull the requested records, and mail them to you — overnight or first class — on the same day as requested.

Our employees are courteous, fast and efficient, and have all been carefully screened so they can be trusted with your most sensitive data.